Complete Recovery from Local & External Drive

When data loss strikes, you need help from a qualified data recovery company to get back on your feet again.

Recovery Photo, Image, Video and Audio

Recover photos from PC, digital camera, Android phone, USB drive, etc.Restore photos due to accidental deletion, formatting, virus infection, etc

Mobile Phone Recovery

Whether you have a mobile phone, tablet or music player, we can perform our expert mobile recovery service on it.

Need file recovery?

Cbyte Computers routinely recovers data from failed hard drives caused by:

Mechanical failure (hard drive clicking, grinding, or unusual noises / will not spin)

File system damage (lost data, will not boot, drive not accessible)

Bumped or dropped drives

Viruses or user sabotage

User error such as accidentally deleted files or formatting

Static electricity, power surges and outages

Natural disasters such as lightning strikes, fires and floods


Technical Support

Needing a computer repair or laptop repair can be a difficult and worrisome time. If you use your computer to make a living or have important documents and family photos on it, the last thing you want to do is hand it over to a stranger for a long time. At Cbyte Computers, we don’t believe that a computer repair has to be this way. We strive every day to make sure that our repair process is easy, fast and that you leave with a successfully repaired device as well as peace of mind.


Whether you need an Apple Computer repair, PC repair or any other brand of computer, we’ll know how to fix it. You’d be surprised how similar these machines tend to be once you open them up and our expert technicians are trained to know their way around every brand out there. We foster a community of constant learning at Cbyte Computers, so every time a new piece of tech comes out, we are among the first people opening it up to learn how to fix it.


If you just bought or are planning on buying a new computer, printer or internet connection devices, and aren’t sure you want to tackle the installation, Cbyte Computers will install the new equipment, upgrade existing hardware, load software and connect all the peripheral devices for you.

Personal computer service

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Network design and implantation

Cbyte Computers provides network design and installation services developed around your organization’s unique business objectives.

Network cabling

Cbyte Computers is your trusted source for structured voice & data cabling for all of your business communications needs.


Installation of both residential and commercial grade Firewalls

Networking services

Networking Setup & Support Services (partial list)

Switches, Router Configuration, Cabling, Firewalls, Virtual Private Netwoking (VPN)

Free diagnostics with repair

Diagnostics are free with the repair of your computer.

Fast repair

We strive to provide as fast a repair service as possible..most of the time next day return!

90 days warranty on labor 30 days on parts.

We guarantee or work!

Service process

Easy and effective way to get your device repaired.

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    Free quote

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    Device collection

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    Repair process

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