List of Services

Services We Offer

  • Server Migration
  • Network System Design
  • Back Up and Security
  • Routine Equipment Maintenance
  • System Updates
  • Anti-Virus Updates & Patches
  • Phone Set Ups
  • Set up Audio/Visual (Microphones/Projectors)
  • Dealing with specialty software for all clients
  • Security analysis
  • Analyzing software/physical vulnerabilities

Software Support

Provide technical support on common software such as office suites, operating systems, network operating systems, backup software, and mission critical software where needed. This includes troubleshooting, diagnostics and contacting software manufacturer technical support where needed.

Hardware Support

Provide technical support and diagnostics for networks, printers, backups, computers, servers, routers and other information system hardware. This includes contacting the manufacturer’s technical support when necessary.


Provide consulting for entire business information system, this includes hardware, software, system planning and purchases.


Provide support in installing hardware and software.


Onsite minor repairs are included without additional cost. Extensive repairs requiring a diagnostic and/or service center will be billable.


Provide training on standard software programs such as office suites, graphics programs, databases and other programs.